Millets: Types, Benefits and Recipes

Millets are one of the oldest foods known to mankind. They are the powerhouse of nutrition and also they are a superfood. Over the last few years they have gained popularity in health food world due to their countless health benefits and nutrition. In this article I have covered types of millets, their health benefits … Read more

Quinoa: Nutrition, Health Benefits and Recipe


Quinoa is a grain packed with many essential nutrients, such as protein, folate, zinc, fiber and many other important nutrients. It does not take long time to prepare, and both sweet and savory dishes can made with it. Quinoa has gained popularity in health food in past couple of decades. It is easy to grow, … Read more

12 Food Myths You Should Not Believe

There are numerous myths about food and nutrition that have been publicized. So, it is very important to know the actual truth to maintain a healthy lifestyle. ┬áHere are top 12 food myths that you should not be believing in. 1. Vitamin C Protect You from Catching Cold According to the researches, vitamin C generally … Read more